Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Must watch this!!!

Some friends of mine introduced me to these hiliarious commericals last night. I was literally crying and wiping my mascara off. Please watch....


Sarah said...

That is hillarious! I laughed so hard. I sure wasn't thinking bang bang or boom boom and definetly not that's hot. How funny. Oh my gosh. whoooooooo funny...
thanks for sharing.

Kellie Patton said...

Hey! I saw your comment on Darby's blog and my mom was born where you live - lovely small town - I grew up in Dothan and her parents lived there until they died, so we went there OFTEN! Loved it - and they lived out in the country and went to a little old baptist church on a dirt road! It's fun to think about, though I don't ever get back there - my parents live in B'ham now and me in Tuscaloosa. Anyhow, your girls are precious and my 4 year old daughter had a hot pink cast on her leg about the same time as yours! I enjoyed reading your blog! Isn't Darby great?!

Beth said...

Hi, I also saw your comment on Darby's blog. My mouth opened when I saw your most recent blog entry. Those ladies (I guess that's the most polite thing to call them!) live in my town - yes, how embarrassing. Their TERRIBLE (and hysterically funny) commercials run every year around July 4th and New Years. They are so bad and so wrong, but so funny!

Now that's hot!

Small world! And please don't judge our whole town (Phenix City, AL, by the way) on these two! :)


(My husband does some business in Blakely, so I hear him talk about it often. He works for John Deere in Columbus, GA)